Microscopic pollenanalysis for

honey characterisation


Dear beekeepers, traders and honey lovers!


MK Pollenanalysis will check your honey from which flowers the bees have collected the pollen, the nectar and the honeydew.


MKP has experience since 2007 in honey characterisation from all over the world.


MKP guarantee a detailed and professional expertise,

thanks many years of experience and extensive knowledge in pollenanalysis and sensory of honey characterisation,

which was acquired as a trained biological-technical assistant in accredited institutes of honey analysis in Bremen Germany.




MKP offer 1:

Honey declaration package

Microscopic pollenanalysis for honey characterisation,

determination of the botanical and geographical origin

identification and counting the most common pollen

(incl. electr. conductivity, sensory, yeast/starch content, sediment analysis)

50 €


Beekeepers special

10 Pollenanalysis declaration package

400 €


MKP offer 2:

Identification and counting the most common pollen

40 €


other honey analysis on request


Processing time 3-5 working days

You will receive the PDF report/invoice by e-mail


100g Honey safely packed

send to:


Melanie Kiehm

Herderstr. 19

28203 Bremen


If you have any questions or

your bees flying out of the EU,

feel free to contact me.

Use the contact form or write an E-Mail to


Please send me an announcement of your samples by E-Mail

Thank you 😊

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MK Pollenanalysis


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